Russell Simmons Presents Def Comedy

This comedy series presents the stand-up routines of new and established comedians, many of them African-American. Producer Russell Simmons has acted as a supporter of African-American comedy since the 1990s, when his Def Comedy Jam provided a point of exposure for some of the most promising comedians of the day. This series of some of the highlights from Simmons' comedy showcase airs on HBO.

2 Seasons, 21 Episodes

Russell Simmons Presents Def Comedy Full Episode Guide

  • Marcus Combs, Ali, and Chris Thomas.

  • Damon Williams, Sean Larkins, B-Phlat, and TuRae.

  • Malik S, David Raibon, B. Cole, and Gerald Kelly.

  • David Arnold, Gerard, Timmy Hall, and Rasheed.

  • Kelly K-Dubb Walker, DeRay Davis, and Vargus Mason,

  • Wil Sylvince, Cory Fernandez, and Ted Carpenter.

  • Roy Wood Jr., Kyle Groom, and Russell Peters.

  • Smokey, Tiffany Haddish, Big Rome, and Tony Roberts.

  • Gilson Lubin, Vanessa Fraction, and Patrice O'Neal.

  • Damon Jr., Vincent Oshana, Gina Yashere, and Capone.

  • T. Rex, Corey Holcomb, Chris Spencer, and Guy Torry.

  • Rodney Perry, Talent, Deon Cole, and Kenny Howell.

  • Joe Clair, Jasper Redd, and Mark Curry,

  • Esau McGraw, Leslie, and Bill Bellamy

  • Alex Thomas, Roz, and Don 'D.C.' Curry.

  • Aris Spears, J.J., and Arnez J.

  • Bruce Bruce, DeRay, and D.L. Hughley.

  • Kevin Hart, Melanie Comarcho, and Katt Williams.

  • Jay Phillips, Dominique, and Tony Roberts.

  • Vince Morris, Adele Givens, and Earthquake.

  • Tony Rock, Sommore, and Capone.

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