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This reality series focuses on New Hampshire's Fish and Game enforcement agents as they work to keep animals safe from natural threats and humans who are unwilling to follow the laws governing hunting and fishing in the state. The series debuted on the Animal Planet cable network and is a follow-up to a similar series set in the woods of neighboring Maine.

Sunday 9:00 PM et/pt on Animal Planet
2 Seasons, 13 Episodes
March 5, 2017
Cast: Michael McColl
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North Woods Law: New Hampshire Full Episode Guide

  • Officer Kevin Bronson races to get a driver under the influence off the road. Officer Eric Hannett catches two teenagers joyriding an ATV on a public road. And up north, Officer Bob Mancini helps evacuate an injured hiker.

  • Officers Hannett and Boudreau interrogate a group about lighting a fire in the woods. Officers Cheney and McKee confront a sly fisherman with a habit of lying. And officers discover a lobsterman who is banned from state waters breaking the law.

  • Officer Hannett is tested trying to capture an injured goose. Officer Lucas is the first responder on scene for a drug overdose. And Officer MacFadzen must climb 40 feet into the treetops to deal with an aggressive hawk.

  • In New Hampshire, Officer Glen Lucas investigates a dispute between a turkey hunter and an eyewitness. Sergeant Todd Szewczyk hunts down a trespassing target shooter and Officers McKee and Matson fish for the truth from trespassing ATV riders.

  • In New Hampshire, Officer Hannett pursues an unusual recreational vehicle in a high speed chase. Officer Pushee and Trainee Driscoll encounter a group of combative speedsters. And Officer Lucas races to the scene of an ATV crash.

  • In the season premiere, a suspicious turkey kill is investigated; a scared fawn is rescued near a busy intersection; a sick loon needs immediate attention; and a hiker gets help finding his father who got lost in the woods.

  • An injured hiker is rescued near the summit of Mount Washington; a trio of possible deer poachers are pursued; a tip is received about an illegal bobcat trapper.

  • A hurt hiker is rescued close to the summit of Mount Washington; a trio of probable deer poachers are chased; a tip comes in about an illegal bobcat trapper.

  • When an out of state hunter seems to be hiding the truth about the circumstances involving his deer kill, Officers Bob Mancini and Kevin Bronson examine the situation. Conservation Officers labor with volunteers to find the body of a missing hiker on Mt. Washington.

  • Officer Glen Lucas races to the scene of an ATV accident. When a home is broken into, Officers Bill Boudreau and Eric Hannett assist police in tracking the suspect. Officer Bob Mancini tries to save the life of an injured loon.

  • Officers Adam Cheney and Geoff Pushee run into an aggressive and angry hunter while investigating a road hunting complaint. In Whitefield, Officers Glen Lucas and Matt Holmes race to find an elderly man with dementia who's gone missing in the swamp.

  • Officers Bill Boudreau and Eric Hannett closely check on a guy raising alligators in the attic of his house. As night falls over the White Mountains, Officers Glenn Lucas and Eric Fluette go out into the darkness to save a lost group of hikers.

  • Officer Glen Lucas intervenes when a black bear cub gets separated from its mother and wreaks havoc on a small community. As heavy rains cause rivers to flood, Officer Eric Fluette races to rescue a man whose canoe has flipped in the rapids.

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