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Do you have a deep appreciation for original hardwood flooring and well thought out kitchens? Do you read real estate listings despite the fact you are neither buying, nor selling a home? If so, House Hunters is probably the television content of your dreams. House Hunters follows people from all walks of life on their journey to home ownership. Viewers at home get a first row look in to several of the properties they visit. The soon-to-be homeowners debate everything from paint choices (always an easy change to make) to kitchen cabinets (very expensive to replace). As you tag along on their home tours you also get a peek into the emotional side of the experience. Viewers get to see what happens when buyers fall into the usual home purchase pit falls such as buying homes above their budget because they have fallen in love with the property. Sometimes the home buyers aren't on the same page in regard to what property to buy and for what price. As the drama begins, your anxiety level rises right along with theirs.

Along the way, you also learn a thing or two about real estate. For instance, is buying the worst house on the nicest block really a sound financial strategy. Where should you put your remodeling dollars to get the most resell value? Are houses with pools really hard to resell or is that just a myth?

Once the couple has chosen a property, you follow them through the negotiation process. Watching someone negotiate the purchase price of a home is as fraught with emotion as you would imagine. In the end, the viewers do get a glimpse into how the purchase worked out when the cameras return several months later. As they give the camera crew a tour you get to see what changes the homeowner's have made and their choices in paint and decor. House Hunters is a real estate hobbyist's must see.

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on HGTV
76 Seasons, 2019 Episodes
September 30, 1999
Home & Garden, Reality
Cast: Andromeda Dunker
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  • A Seattle couple with a newly adopted baby is on the hunt for a larger place with spectacular views of the city. But even with a big budget, they find that in this fast-moving market, compromise is necessary.

  • A young buyer hunts for a vacation lake house in Florida.

  • A couple is moving from California to Colorado and is on the hunt for a new home. He's semi-retired and wants a low-maintenance, move-in ready contemporary house. However, she's an antique dealer who wants the history and charm of a Victorian with views of Pikes Peak.

  • First-time homebuyers want different things on this Minneapolis house hunt. She has her heart set on an older home with lots of charm, while he's interested only in a house that's new or recently updated.

  • A young married couple with kids looks to buy a home with a farm in Rockford, Michigan.

  • A couple must decide what they can live with and without in the hot Nashville real estate market.

  • A young couple with a toddler is ready to trade city living for suburban life outside Philadelphia. She wants a Colonial like had growing up, but he'd be happy with a big townhouse.

  • A pastor and his wife with five children are expecting baby number six very soon. Both agree that space is the biggest priority, but he wants a turnkey home with a big backyard and she wants a Craftsman home with hardwood floors.

  • A single gal in Chicago looks to fulfill her passion for flipping homes. She brings along her real estate investor friend to help her choose the right place to flip.

  • Young parents with two small children need a larger home for their family in Destin. He thinks Florida living calls for a pool, but she's worried about teaching the kids to swim and keeping up with the maintenance.

  • Newlyweds have been living with her parents to save money, but now they are finally ready to take the leap into homeownership. Both of them want a classic New Orleans home, but they disagree on what style of house to buy.

  • A Baltimore couple is ready to upgrade from their one-bedroom apartment to a single-family home. He'll be acting as their real estate agent and hopes to find something that makes his very picky wife happy.

  • A couple wants to buy their first home in Phoenix, but they're struggling to find a house that doesn't have the Spanish or Southwestern features common in the city. She likes lush backyards, but he doesn't want to maintain a lawn.

  • An engaged couple is looking for the perfect house in Arlington, Texas, to start their lives together. Very new or updated is at the top of her list, while he wants a place with lots of character.

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