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Flea Market Flip is a television reality show that captures the imagination of a variety of fans. The show promotes the re-vamping and re-cycling of items that can be found at local flea markets. It is a twist on those shows where people buy and flip homes for serious profit. In this series the contestants must stretch their dollars and use their imagination to unearth the hidden treasures in those flea market booths, bins, boxes, shelves and bags.

This reality television show is actually a competition to discover who has the best eye for quality and value. Two contestants are assigned to each team. Then these two teams have one hour to buy three items that they must re-purpose and re-sell. Viewers can watch the fun unfold as the teams scour one of their local flea markets in a search for items that they believe will return a profit. Haggling with the sellers is perfectly acceptable as each team tries to fit three items into their budget.

Contestants must then figure out how to transform those bargains into desirable items that customers will buy. Viewers also get to see what the final items look like after they have been renovated by the teams. Next the contestants must bring their re-purposed finds to a flea market and convince people to buy them.

The team that makes the most profit from the sale of their flea market finds will win the game. The winning team also gets all of the profits, which is added incentive to do well in this competition.

This series can be seen on HGTV. The host is Lara Spencer, an avowed flea market shopper. The 2012 television debut proved popular in 2012. The network ordered another 8 episodes of Flea Market Flip for the 2013 season.

Sunday 8:00 PM et/pt on HGTV
12 Seasons, 151 Episodes
September 28, 2012
Family, Talk & Interview
Cast: Justin Krzyston, Vanessa Jova, Benjamin Jones, Courtney Akin
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Flea Market Flip Full Episode Guide

  • NFL star Michael Strahan surprises two teams of flippers.

  • Two savvy flippers take on a team of dating designers and they each have just one hour to complete projects.

  • Married furniture makers take on Team "Function and Fabulous" for $5,000.

  • Married upcyclers go up against a pair of best friends for $5,000.

  • A pair of funky couples face off in a flip for $5,000.

  • "Handy Mandi" and her Aunt Sandy are ready to take on Tyson and Heather, a flipping couple with a military background, in the ultimate flea market battle. The teams have $500 and one hour to shop for items from the Flip List, which includes Smart Design and Vintage Remix. In the workshop, Mandi and Sandy want to convert a 1950s television set into a bar and combine barstools with a mirror to create a vanity. Meanwhile, Tyson and Heather turn a pair of crates into a wine bar and use a wooden box and a chair to create a desk. Each team hopes to flip their projects for big profits at the flea market to claim the $5,000 prize.

  • A couple known as "Blonde Sugar and Honey" takes on a pair of engaged furniture flippers for a shot at $5,000.

  • A father and daughter take on an aunt and her nephew in a flea market battle with flipping challenges that include Mix and Match, Sleek Storage and Country Charmer.

  • Flipping buddies take on a pair of picking pals in a flea market battle with flipping challenges that include Workspace Remix, Symmetrical Design and Modern Farmhouse.

  • Design geeks and married flippers search for the "Flea Market Unicorn."

  • Future in-laws take on a self-proclaimed odd couple in a furniture-flipping contest for $5,000.

  • "Handy Mandi" and her Aunt Sandy take on a couple of military flippers.

  • Sisters take on married flippers in a flea market challenge for $5,000.

  • Two friends go up against dating designers for a chance to win $5,000.

  • Salvage-happy sisters battle flipping buddies for a chance to win $5,000.

  • Dating designers take on a creative couple for a chance to win $5,000.

  • A pair of stylish ladies from Boston take on a team of competitive upcyclers for $5,000. The teams fight it out at the Elephant's Trunk Flea Market in New Milford, CT, and at New York's Long Island City Flea.

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